Provide Double Layer Security for the Network, and Receive More Rewards for It.

In addition to the traditional Proof of Staking (PoS) rewards for mining CashHand, users are also rewarded for running and maintaining servers specials called masternodes. Masternodes are used to power Instant Send and the governance system. Users are rewarded for execute masternodes; 85% of the block’s reward is allocated to pay the masternode network.

Masternodes allow the following services:


allows for almost instant transactions. CashHand transactions are fully confirmed in two seconds.


protects the blockchain against 51% mining attacks by signing blocks as they are mined.


I allowed stakeholders at CashHand to determine the direction of the project.

Masternode owners must own 200,000 CHND, which they prove by signing a message included in a special transaction recorded on the blockchain. CashHand can be moved or spent at any time, but this will cause the masternode to leave the queue and stop earning rewards. Users Masternode are also entitled to vote on the proposals. Each masternode has a vote and that vote can be used in budget proposals or decisions that affect CashHand.

Masternodes cost money and effort to host, so they receive a percentage of the block’s reward as an incentive. As just one masternode is paid in each block, the frequency of payment may vary, as well as the amount of CashHand paid.

CashHand is more than just code created by developers. It is a social system that connects people. Make tomorrow one a better and more accessible world must therefore be everyone’s duty;
That is the purpose of CashHand.